September 14, 2018

4 Morning Makeup Tips

We get it – we’re all busy trying to plan around our social lives, our kids, and our work events. Even though we don’t always have the time, it’s good to take time each day and spend a few minutes on ourselves. Here are 4 quick makeup tips to help you get through your morning without the hassle.

Organize – Your makeup should be in an easily accessible area of your bathroom so you don’t have to search through your counter or cabinet drawers for different items. Keep your brushes stored upright in a container to prolong the bristle life and maintain shape. Keeping your weekday and weekend makeup in separate storage bins will also save you time each day.

Grab & Go – Sometimes we just can’t get out of bed in the morning. In that case, it’s best to have extra makeup bag ready for you to grab on the way out the door. Store your essentials, like blush, eyeliner, and mascara, in your purse, car, or work drawer so you can make sure you make it to the office on time.

Remember Your Brows – Who doesn’t love a good boy brow? Filling them in with a tinted gel will help create a groomed and natural look while boosting your complexion.

Tightline – We just don’t always have the time to focus on that perfect eyeshadow combination, which is why we suggest tightlining. This will help brighten your eyes as well as give the appearance of full lashes.

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