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The possibilities in cosmetology can be endless! If you want to pursue an education in beauty, see how Robert Fiance can help you get there. Our mission is to provide students the resources they need to thrive, with multiple opportunities to practice professional skills. Provide actual services to clients under the supervision of licensed professionals in our student salon, and so much more. Explore everything Robert Fiance has to offer!

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The Robert Fiance Cosmetology program can give students the basics of cosmetology such as hairstyling, cutting, coloring, barbering techniques, skin care methods, and nail technology. But that’s not all!

At Robert Fiance, students can develop professional work habits, and successful business practices which encourage self-reliance and a willingness to help others look and feel their very best.


At Robert Fiance, students can turn opportunity into reality! Our program provides students with a variety of training workshops, student showcases, and much more so students can enhance their skills. Push past the boundaries of average and traditional and bring your imaginative visions to life.


Uniquely, our small class sizes can allow each student to receive close personal attention from their teachers to be provided with the opportunity to develop not only their technical skills but their specialized skills.

Our students are not just cosmetologists, they are trendsetters, leaders, and business professionals. They are innovators of the future who truly stand apart from the crowd!

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Career Opportunities in Cosmetology

Our emphasis on experiential learning brings theory to life, giving you practical experience in applications of knowledge through demonstrations, field work, and the student salon. All this can prepare you to sit for the state exam. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics not only is cosmetology a great field to be in for the excitement, but it is a growing field!

Jobs in the cosmetology field are expected to grow as much as thirteen percent by 2022 and opportunity is everywhere! From working in a traditional salon, to freelance work, and more… the opportunities are endless. Check out our Cosmetology Jobs video to learn more.


How many training hours do I need to complete?

New Jersey State Board requires completion of 1200 training hours to sit for your Cosmetology licensing exam.

Does the school provide the license?

No. The school does not grant licenses nor provide the licensing exam, both are administered by the State. The school assists students with all exam applications as needed and all of our exams, both written and practical, are designed and developed to help you prepare for and pass your State Exams.

Can I get hours for working in a salon or being an apprentice?

No. The NJ State Board does not credit training hours off campus and there is no apprenticeship program. The State does, however, grant the school special permission on individual occasions to give students credit for attending industry-related events.

Will I learn makeup artistry in Cosmetology?

Yes. Makeup and Skin Care currently holds 78 credit hours in our Cosmetology program. Your license will qualify you to perform makeup services in a salon or spa. Because of the growing popularity of makeup artistry and the desire to learn more advanced techniques that don’t fit in our Cosmetology curriculum, many of our graduates enroll into an advanced makeup training course at Robert Fiance Makeup Academy.

Will I learn advanced techniques such as hair extensions?

Yes. Our schools arrange advanced classes for students in many different topics, the most popular being Hair Extensions, Barbering, Airbrush Makeup, and Blow-out Styling. Some classes are provided at no additional cost while others will be optional for a kit fee.

Which jobs in the field of beauty and cosmetology are in most demand?

According to the United States Department of Labor, the U.S. employment rates for personal appearance works such as hairdressers, hairstylists, cosmetologists, skin care specialists and shampooers are projected to grow 20 percent between 2008 and 2018 Employment of manicurists and pedicurists is expected to show a similar increase as well!

Is there any additional costs I will incur?

Students will not incur any hidden fees to complete their programs. All equipment and books are included in the total cost of the program. The following additional fees may incur:

  • Locker rentals are available for a nominal fee which varies per campus.
  • Schedule changes are free up to two times, after which there is a $100 administrative fee.
  • Students who do not finish their exams prior to their hours may be charged $100 per exam. No student can be considered a graduate without completing all academics.
  • The policy on absent hours and overtime charges are outlined on the enrollment agreement.
  • The State Board of NJ does require the following additional fees:
  • $5.00 State Board Registration Application Fee
  • $5.00 State Board Permit Application Fee
  • $40.00 State Board Written Exam Fee (can be taken at 960 hours)
  • $130.00 State Board Practical Exam Fee (taken after graduation) – This fee changes from $100 to $130 every 2 hours.

Gainful Employment

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