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Cutting men’s hair can be both a creative and a fun career! The Robert Finance Barbering program is for those students who want no boundaries and who want a career that is not only rewarding for them, but the clients they serve everyday.

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Robert Fiance barbering students can learn the skills of a modern barber. The program can provide the training and education needed in order to sit for the NJ State Board Exam and can prepare you to enter the barbering industry. Students in the Barbering program can develop successful work habits and attitudes, business ethics and the passion to help others look and feel their very best.

Highly Personalized

At Robert Fiance, we want our students to not only gain traditional skills but to develop their individual talents. We do this through a series of innovative and dynamic demonstrations, competitions, and practical training.

Quality Education

From day one at Robert Fiance Beauty Schools, you are introduced to the classical word of barbering. Students can participate in theory, receive practical training with mannequins, practice on classmates, build friendships and professional connections and most importantly develop and enhance individual talents . This is what our program is all about.

Robert Fiance has a dedicated faculty of industry professionals walks alongside our students every step of the way. Everyday is exciting and everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Artistic Expression

The Robert Fiance Beauty School barbering program is enriched with opportunities for students to show off their most creative skills. Midway through the program students work in the student salon, where they perform on real clients to give them professional hands-on experience. Students are also offered many opportunities to develop their creative skills through fun competitions, showcases, and technical workshops. Robert Fiance offers our students the chance to advance from average to expert.


What positions may I be qualified for?
  • Barber
  • Stylist
  • Hair care Product Salesperson
  • Demonstration Specialist for Hair care Products
  • Barber/Stylist Shop Manager
  • Barber/Stylist Shop Owner
Where can I work?

The barbering profession allows you the opportunity to work almost anywhere you’d like. From small town barbershops to big city styling salons; from the barber stylist on a cruise ship to the stylist shop in a resort hotel, you will have the tools to master your own destiny.

What can I expect to earn?

The amount of money you will earn is based upon where you will work, how much you work, whether you are working on a percentage, or hourly, or are salaried. It will also depend upon whether you are self-employed (shop owner), or if you are working for someone else. Annual wages vary anywhere from $12,000 to $40,000+ for someone who works full-time. Opportunities are good for both full-time and part-time positions.

How soon can I open up a barbershop after getting my license?

Anyone can open a barbershop at anytime, however you will need to hire someone to manage it for you until you hold your license for three years.

Can I use my NJ Barbers License in NYC?

No, you can only use your license in the state you received it from. If you want to work in another state you would need to obtain a license from that state.

How do I become a Barber Teacher in this industry?

You must obtain your Cosmetology License first. You must then complete 600 hours of additional training in our Cosmetology Educator program.

How do I cross over to a Cosmetology License?

You must return to school for an additional 413 hours.

Can I use my barber license to do platform work? (Trade Shows)


Gainful Employment

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