September 11, 2019

4 Tips for Longer Hair

Growing out your hair can be tough. For some people it’s nearly impossible, which is why we want to give you 4 tips on how you can naturally add growth to your hair.

  1. Frequent Trims | It may sound counter-productive, why cut your hair off when you’re trying to grow it out, but eliminating split ends helps give the appearance that your hair is growing faster.
  2. Lay Off the Bleach | This one is important. when you lighten your hair, it can be damaged if you use bleach. Bleaching your hair can lead to increased breakage and split ends. When trying to grow your hair, it is important to stay away things that are known to cause damage and breakage to your hair.
  3. Avoid Heat | Over-styling your hair can really cause breakage. If it is a necessity that you to use a heating tool, we recommend using a heat protectant spray. One of our favorites is the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray. Another way to help your hair grow is to decrease the temperature of the tool and to not keep the heat in one place for too long.
  4. Skip Shampooing | Shampooing your hair three times a week rather than every day is more beneficial to your hair than you can imagine. Shampooing your hair three times a week allows the natural oils in your scalp to incorporate into your hair, giving it the opportunity to repair and hydrate itself.

Healthy hair is important. When your hair is healthy it is also growing. If you are trying to grow out your hair, or if you just want your hair to look healthier, give one of these tips a try!

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