April 14, 2016

Why Is Practicing Your Shampoo Service In Beauty School Important?

One of the first things you learn as a cosmetology student is how to properly give a shampoo service. This is a basic skill that will become more and more apparent in value as you learn more about the field.

Building Your Clientele

Knowing the correct procedures and going the extra mile to relax your client is crucial when it comes to building your book. Clients knowingly and willingly invite a stylist to their personal “comfort zone” every time they receive a service. They place a great amount of trust and confidence in the stylist when doing so. Therefore, it is extremely important to never betray that trust.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

A great way of keeping that trust is to provide your clients with an exceptional shampoo service. It lays a solid foundation for a solid client relationship and prepares the hair for the service you are about to provide. The client will use this experience to evaluate the professional experience of the stylist. If the client enjoys the shampoo she or he will have much more confidence in your ability as a stylist.

Employ Healthy Sanitary Conditions

Giving a shampoo service is to not only provide your client with a pleasurable and relaxing experience but to cleanse the hair and scalp. Proper hair and scalp analysis is important when it comes to determining what shampoo to use. An unclean scalp and dirty hair offers a breeding place for disease-producing bacteria which can lead to a scalp disorder. The comfort and protection of the client must always be considered when giving any professional service. These procedures enhance the client’s confidence in your abilities as a professional.

History proves that clients will return to a professional that has made them comfortable and who has treated them with great hospitality. Even if the client is not 100% satisfied with the outcome of their service they will return if you treat them properly. With that being said, a great shampoo service can be very beneficial to building your business!

Start With an Education

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