March 27, 2018

How to be a Better Beauty School Student

Beauty school can be intimidating, so we want our students to go into it with confidence and the tools they need to be successful! We strive to help our students as much as we can, and we’ve found a handful of skills you can work on now to help you to be a stand-out student when you start at Robert Fiance. Whether you’ve already enrolled or are still trying to decide, here are are some of the most important skills for you to be successful at beauty school:

Manage Your Time

Time management can help you to stay on top of your studies and balance the rest of your life as well. Managing time well is a skill that most people don’t have naturally, so don’t feel bad if it takes you time to get good at it! Everyone has their own way of keeping track of their priorities, so pick what works best for you and run with it! Some people like to use calendars or apps to schedule and manage their commitments, while other people rely on routines or repetition to build priority activities into their day. How you manage your time is ultimately up to you, so pick what works best with your style!

Prepare for Exams

Does anyone actually like studying? Whether you cram the night before the exam, or prepare for two weeks in advance, it’s rare for people to love studying. Exams are an important part of beauty school because a good they can prepare you to sit for the state licensing exam. We know everyone learns differently, so it’s important for people to study in ways that match their learning style. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your study sessions:

Take Regular Breaks

Believe it or not, studying for hours and hours on end is not the best way for you to remember what you’re learning! You can tell it’s time to take a break if it’s been an hour or more of continuous study, if you are struggling to focus, or if your mind is jumping from topic to topic. When you start seeing these signs, take a break! There are tons of different ways that you can take a break from studying, so do whatever you enjoy and helps your mind to relax! Oregon State University’s Academic Success Center provides lots of great ideas for how to take an effective break.

”There is no one ideal study break for everyone. Your ideal study break depends on how you think and who you are, so find one that works for you. Always remember to eat healthy study snacks while you’re taking your break and allow yourself to relax. Try to exercise, stretch and move around during your breaks to give your mind a proper rest.” – Oxbridge Academy Blog

Teach Someone Else

One of the best ways to demonstrate understanding is through teaching. Find a friend, family member, or study buddy who you can teach about what you’re learning. Encourage them to ask you questions to put your understanding to the test!

Use Practice Exams

Check with your school or with other online resources for practice tests that you can use to familiarize yourself with exam formats. Practice tests can make your real exam feel familiar and easy when the big day comes!

Prepare Over Time

Everyone has had at least one of those exams in school that they forgot about or procrastinated until the very last minute. It goes without saying that you’ll do better if you start preparing for your exams earlier rather than later! If you know you have an exam coming up in two weeks, start doing 15 minute mini study sessions each day for those two weeks, and you’ll perform better than if you did a three hour session the night before!

Befriend Your Instructors

Your instructors at beauty school can be some of your biggest advocates both as a student and as a professional after you’ve graduated. Get to know them and make sure you network with them so that you can use them as a professional referral or resource for finding work. All beauty school instructors were once where you are, so they are excited and willing to help you succeed as a beauty school student!

In addition to networking with your instructors, you should network with your classmates! Every beauty school student enrolls with different ideas and dreams about how they want to use their education, so you never know how a connection with your classmates could help you in the future! Beauty school classmates have been business partners, helped each other find jobs, or been professional referrals. This network is a huge benefit from beauty school, so make sure you make the most of it!

Get Connected

Everything we do today is online! This means that people can be more selective about the cosmetologist or esthetician they pick for their services. Getting connected with your audience through social media such as Instagram or Facebook can help you show off your skills and stay in touch with your clients in between visits. While you’re a student, make sure you connect with your beauty school on social media so you get all of the latest announcements so you can be prepared to be your best!

Be Organized

You’ll discover that beauty school courses come with a ton of tools and materials that you need to keep track of! In high school or college you might have had to keep track of a few textbooks, but a cosmetology school kit can come with over a hundred items in it! Keeping yourself organized and orderly not only helps you to be more successful while you’re in school, but it makes you look more professional to your clients. They’re more likely to return for more services if you look like you know your stuff! Here are a few ways you can be more organized:

Write Things Down

Even the longest memory can be beaten by a short, stubby pencil! Don’t rely on memory to keep track of important dates, times, or events. You are likely to forget something important! Writing things down also helps your brain to remember them naturally!

Have a Place for Everything

Keep your school supplies and work station items in consistent places. Hang your hair dryer from the same hook every time, keep your combs in the same drawer, and keep your disinfectant solution in the same corner of the counter. Keeping everything in its own place ensures that you always know where to find something you need, and it can help you work at a faster pace!

Put Things Away Immediately

Don’t lie, you’ve left dishes in the sink without washing them or putting them in the dishwasher before! Dirty dishes in the sink drives moms crazy because they know that people don’t come back to clean them later. Get in the habit of putting or organizing things away right away so they don’t pile up!

Ask Questions

In high school classes full of 30 students or more, it can be intimidating to put yourself out there to ask questions. In beauty school, class sizes are often much smaller, so it’s a much more comfortable place for you to ask all the questions that you have! Never be afraid of asking questions because it can help you to be a smarter and more skilled beauty professional. In addition to that, questions can help your classmates learn more as well because you never know when someone else has the same questions you do!

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