May 9, 2018

Questions You Should Ask on Your Beauty School Tour

Still trying to make up your mind on which beauty school to go to? This guide can help! When you’re touring different cosmetology schools to find the perfect fit, you have all the time in the world to ask questions! Make sure you take advantage of that opportunity and ask all the questions you need to make an informed choice. Here are ten questions we recommend you ask at any school you visit!

1. What options do I have to fund my future?

Most accredited beauty schools offer financial aid for those who qualify that can help you pay for beauty school. Look for things like scholarships, grants, or fundraising opportunities to make sure that your school is looking out for you! Many of the best cosmetology schools have financial aid advisors that work exclusively with helping students pay for their education, so ask to speak with them if you have more questions!

2. How many students are in each class?

The ratio of students to teachers can give you an idea of how much one-on-one attention you can get from teachers. If there is a smaller number of students per teacher, you may have an easier time getting the help you need to be successful! Large classrooms with many students per teacher may make it harder for you to get any help you need. Ask to make sure the teachers will be as accessible as you need!

3. What teaching style does the program have?

Everyone learns in different ways, so it’s important to make sure that the program you’re interested in teaches in a way that will make sense for you. There are several kinds of learning styles, so read here if you’re not sure which one you are! Most beauty school programs incorporate elements to accommodate all teaching styles, so consult with your tour guide if you’re not sure!

4. Who can help me if I’m struggling?

Beauty school is awesome for people who struggle with traditional schooling, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have classes or tests. If you don’t perform as well in a traditional classroom setting, ask the beauty schools you visit about their support system for students. Some will host review courses for their students preparing to sit for the licensing exam, or will offer one-on-one tutoring opportunities. Ask questions to make sure you have all the support you need to be successful!

5. What does the program teach in addition to what is required by the state?

Each state has unique minimum requirements for all accredited beauty school programs to reach. These requirements usually include a curriculum, minimum hours, and guidelines that have to be followed by the school. Does the school you’re visiting go above and beyond? Ask them how they take graduation requirements to the next level to empower their graduates to become successful beauty professionals!

6. How can I fit beauty school into my schedule?

Do you have a super hectic life? We totally understand! Many beauty school students have other obligations they manage at the same time they’re in school, which is why many cosmetology programs have multiple schedule options. Full-time courses are usually the most popular, but if you need your time during the day you can opt for part-time morning or evening classes. Some schools offer even more unique scheduling options, so make sure you ask about what you can choose from!

7. Does the school have career placement resources?

Getting your beauty school education and license is just the first step on your new journey. For some people, finding employment after graduation can be difficult! Many of the best beauty schools offer career placement resources for their graduates. Some schools even have a staff member who is dedicated to helping graduates find employment! Ask questions to be sure that your cosmetology school can support your career goals after graduation.

8. Are there extracurricular opportunities available at this school?

The other people you compete against for jobs will have a cosmetology education too, so how will you stand out against them? Extracurricular opportunities are a good way for you to build a strong resume and help you stand out against the competition! Look for things like internships, charity events, student groups, or even travel abroad opportunities!

9. What is included in the student kit?

Most schools provide their students with an awesome kit that includes all of the basic tools and items to get started in their program. Each school has a different kit provided by a different partner, if any, and may or may not be included in the price of tuition. Be sure to ask lots of questions about the kit to make sure you understand the value that you’re getting (or paying for!) when you enroll in the program!

10. What is the licensure rate for graduates from this school?

You want to make sure that the school you attend can help you pass the licensing exam for your cosmetology, esthetics, or other licenses after graduating your program. It would be a waste for you to graduate cosmetology school without being able to get your license because your school didn’t help you prepare. Most schools should know what their licensure rate is for each of their programs. A high licensure rate could mean that the school has a very strong program!

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