April 14, 2016

Show Off Your Beauty School Skills By Creating A Portfolio!

After Graduation, Blog, cosmetology, Esthetician

Keeping a professional portfolio of your work is essential when it comes to making clients and getting a job. Your portfolio is an exhibit of your work on display for potential clients and employers that allows them to evaluate your professional skills in your chosen field. It’s important that you create a professional display! Keep…

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April 12, 2016

How to Enhance Your Professional Image During and After Beauty School

After Graduation, Blog, Pro Tips

Building your personal brand as a beauty professional is incredibly important for staying ahead of the competition. Regardless of your age or experience there are always new product lines, techniques, and trends to keep up with. The most successful people become experts in their chosen field because they stay informed on what’s new and happening!…

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Earning Potential of A Makeup Artist after Beauty School

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry is a creative and exciting industry to work in for many people! You can explore near countless options as you develop your professional image and career. You often get out of your career what you put in it, so it’s important to know the factors that can contribute to your success! Common Earning…

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